Hi , I’m Didier

I’m a nerd that loves doing hardcore shit and cares deeply about people. I graduated cum laude for my masters degree in environmental engineering from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. I then worked heading up a research programme that aimed at improving water access in urbanising African cities but I missed a personal connection to the people I was trying to help. Coaching allows me to combine my scientific curiosity with my love of people and the outdoors. I have taken my scientific training and drive and applied it to coaching to ensure that my clients get the most up to date and scientifically validated training methods. I am learning constantly and have completed a running coaching certification from SSISA and an ultra running coaching certification from UESCA.

I have coached many athletes to achieve goals ranging from completing their first 10km to performing in 100mile trail races. I am also a trail running athlete myself and have tried and tested the training methods and mindset protocols (learned from Coach Kyle) that I will use with you to help me achieve high levels of performance such as becoming the first person ever to run the 13 Peaks challenge back to back in less than 48 hours. I take your goals seriously and I expect you to do the same.

My Process:

My training methods are informed by science and what works based on applied experience and the specific individual. My approach is compassionate and caring – not to be confused with nice – I will hold you to the standard that is required to achieve your goals. However, my goal as a coach is not based entirely on the outcomes but it is also to help you grow as an individual by giving you the tools you need to succeed. If I have done my job properly your independence and self trust will grow and you will start to level up in other areas of life beyond your training. This requires equal effort from both parties. I believe that our coaching relationship must be built on trust, good communication and a matching commitment between coach and athlete to achieve your goals. Ultimately I care about you.

What I Offer:

  • Personalised running training
  • Personalised strength programming
  • Nutritional advice and guidance for running (I don’t write diets)
  • Performance psychology and mindset
  • Daily protocols and habits
  • Constant support on WhatsApp (during working hours)
  • Phone calls to discuss training as needed
  • Access to all group training sessions (CPT Residents)

R 2499 PM (SA Residents

$200 PM (International)


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