Transformation through endurance


We are about community. No matter where you come from, no matter what your background is, as long as you are in pursuit of self-improvement, you will fit right in. We are here to uplift, improve, upskill, and empower each individual to embark on their own personal journey whether that is running their first 10km or 100 miles. We offer 15 weekly group training sessions which include scientifically designed run workouts, indoor strength and conditioning, trail running technique and targeted recovery. You will also have access to several weekend training camps annually to help you break personal boundaries and prepare for major races. On the community side, we offer same gender support groups and pop-up events.


We give you the tools you need to succeed in life. Our programmes are designed to grow your self-discipline and mental resilience alongside your physical fitness. We believe in coaching individuals and our training process reflects that. We provide support at all levels from community group sessions to bespoke training that looks at all aspects of performance including nutrition, mental coaching, one on one support, strength and conditioning and of course running.

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Join our world class community & holistic training program.

9 weeks to a fitter, healthier human

from R3999pm / 9 weeks

Let’s work hand to hand to ensure success.

Not your average social run club

Strong bodies last longer

No matter where you are , we can help you.


Camps & Fast Packing Missions

Every 4 to 8 weeks, you have the chance to participate in our specialised training camps and exhilarating fast packing expeditions.

Running Camps
Our running camps offer intensive weekends starting from Friday evening until Sunday, set in beautiful locations like the Cederberg and Tankwa Karoo. These camps are meticulously designed to elevate your running performance, equip you for upcoming races, push personal boundaries, and forge unbreakable bonds within our community.

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