Every 4 to 8 weeks, you have the chance to participate in our specialised training camps and exhilarating fast packing expeditions.

Running Camps
Our running camps offer intensive weekends starting from Friday evening until Sunday, set in beautiful locations like the Cederberg and Tankwa Karoo. These camps are meticulously designed to elevate your running performance, equip you for upcoming races, push personal boundaries, and forge unbreakable bonds within our community.

Imagine conquering your first ultra while wearing a challenging 10kg weight vest. Imagine running your first half marathon, marathon and ultra-marathon in one day and eventually finding yourself covering 72km through the night. Imagine doing this surrounded by a supportive community of people all pushing themselves and uplifting you. This happens at our camps.

12 Hours of Darkness
On of our signature events is the annual 12 Hours of Darkness camp. This relentless test of mental and physical endurance is designed to push you past your own perceived limitations and let you see what you are truly capable of if you are only willing to suffer a little. We start at 6pm on a Friday night and there is only one rule. Don’t stop going until 6 AM the next day.

Fast Packing Missions
Our fast packing missions provide an opportunity to hike into the mountains carrying essential supplies for a weekend adventure. Camping in caves and relishing the beauty of the night sky, you’ll bond with fellow participants. After witnessing the sunrise over a morning coffee, you’ll pack up and make your way back to civilization.

International Expeditions
We also organise international expeditions and past journeys have led our clients to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro and trek to Everest Base Camp.


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