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Be prepared for everything

Take luck out of the equation. If you have prepared properly you don’t need to rely on luck and if you need to rely on luck, then you probably shouldn’t be there.


Running is one slice of the pie

In order to perform you need to be physically prepared, adaptable to stressors, learn how to manage expectations and positively control your environment. We emphasize four pillars of performance: cardiovascular fitness, strength, mobility and most importantly mindset.



In a large community we don’t expect everyone to get along, but we do expect everyone to show each other a high level of respect and empathy no matter where they are in their journey. This includes respecting yourself and being accountable to the higher standard you need to achieve your goals.


Stronger together

We are about community. Running is not an individual sport to us and we expect everyone to support each other. To receive support, you first need to show support. Use the role models within our community for inspiration but never compare your progress or goals to others.


More work horse less show pony

In MM we believe in creating a more resilient mindset by building confidence in ourselves. Confidence doesn’t come from who you pretend to be on social media but from who you actually are in real life. This starts with doing what you said you would do.