“ A goal without a plan , is only a dream”

What’s ever your goals are for the year,we will sit and devise a bespoke training plan tailored around your individual needs, family and work schedules.

Your program is monitored and updated weekly to insure you the best results possible as well as weekly check ins with your coach to insure everything is going to plan.

You will also receive injury prevention strength work to avoid or help with any past injuries as well as mobility and flexibility sessions to allow you to remain injury free and consistent though out the year.

We also have 6 weekly group sessions for you to attend that is incorporated into your program to allow you to train with a like minded, positive community and push past what you thought was impossible!

Monday – 05:19am – Road Run (1 hour)
Tuesday – 5:59am – Upper Body & Core (1 hour)
Wednesday – 5:19am – Speed Session (1 hour)
Thursday – 5:59am – Mountain Legs (1 hour)
Friday – 5:19am – Trail Run (1 hour)
Saturday – 5:59am – Long trail run (2/5 hours)

Every 4/6 weeks you will be put to the test both mentally and physically in a Mindset Movement endurance event. You will either push towards your personal goals or embark on a two-day fast packing excursion* into the wilderness. Fast packing excursions will challenge you to carry everything you need to survive for the duration of the trip as you run from site to site and sleep under the stars.

Personalized running programming & strength program for injury prevention on the training peaks app.

Fast Packing is optional with an extra charge of R499 for the weekend, excluding camping & permit fees.

R1499 per month

*Month-to Month contact with a 30 Day cancellation period


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